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Mum's Calling shares her family's thoughts on Bilibo, Oogi and Plui!

We have a great review by Mum's Calling and their experiences with our MOLUK range!  "Open ended play is always the best play for any child. Being parents, we love toys that allow free play and endless imagination. Little Llama sent our kids a couple of MOLUK toys, and we were thrilled by its simplicity. MOLUK, founded in Switzerland strives to create innovative and sustainable products that don't just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction." Read more about her post here!

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The toy should be 90% child and 10% toy.

At Little Llama, we take great care to ensure our toys provide the maximum engagement opportunities for parents and children! “A toy should be 10 percent toy and 90 percent child, and with a lot of these electronic toys, the toy takes over 90 percent and the child just fills in the blank.” Parents play a great part in their child's development - look for engagement possibilities, your child needs you!

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Don't just narrate, engage!

Don't judge a book by its cover! There are many ways to use your books to help your child to learn! Many parents see storytelling as a passive activity where they read a book with the hope of getting their children inspired to read. You do not need new content to keep a child interested! With a familiar story, parents can creatively ask their children about the illustrations, the characters, or even to form their own alternate endings! Use our quick storytelling level guide to help your child progress to a storytelling master!

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