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Don't just narrate, engage!

Don't judge a book by its cover! There are many ways to use your books to help your child to learn! Many parents see storytelling as a passive activity where they read a book with the hope of getting their children inspired to read. You do not need new content to keep a child interested! With a familiar story, parents can creatively ask their children about the illustrations, the characters, or even to form their own alternate endings! Use our quick storytelling level guide to help your child progress to a storytelling master!

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Little Llama's Book Philosophy

Immense effort is invested into choosing books with realistic, colourful illustrations, especially for our younger children. Simcock and DeLoache (2006), in their article titled “Get the picture? The effects of iconicity on toddlers‟ reenactment from picture books” suggested that 2-year-olds learn best from realistic colour photos and colourful illustrations rather than black and white drawings. As children grow older, they develop better symbolic understanding. This is when abstract illustrations are more suitable.  What about books with lifts and flaps? Our team believes that these books might be suitable for younger children below the age of 4, as well as those with language impairments. The manipulative component of such books can increase engagement levels and lead to greater language expression. However, it might be distracting for older children. For...

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