Olimomok shares her boys' experiences with Bilibo and Plui

Debra from Olimomok shares how her 3 sons thoroughly enjoyed their experiences with MOLUK's open-ended toys, Bilibo, Bilibo Game Box and Plui!

We are delighted that they had a great time, and you can sample some of the great ideas her children generated to play with the toys!

"With three boys at home, I have gone through enough toys to learn that the best toys for my children are not necessarily the most expensive or fancy toys with all the flashing lights, bells and whistles.

Rather, the select few toys that my boys always return to are always the ones that leave room for imagination and encourage creativity and free play.

Such toys are hard to come by  and that is why I was very happy to hear about Little Llama. "

Read more about their experiences. 

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