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A Senior Educational Therapist shares about Open-ended Play with toys from Little Llama!

An excerpt from the full post, written by Senior Educational Therapist, Rachel, from The Alternative Education: "When I need to buy a present for a kid aged 0 – 7 years old, I inevitably end up looking at Little Llama’s website. Founded by Dave, working in education, and Joan, a Speech and Language Therapist keen on curating the best toys for children, I have been impressed with the concept of open-ended play that the toys offer. Put simply, open-ended play is when you make an object anything you want it to be. A couple wooden blocks could become building, trees in a forest, a robot, humans in a convention, you get the idea. That sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? However, what...

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Mum's Calling shares her family's thoughts on Bilibo, Oogi and Plui!

We have a great review by Mum's Calling and their experiences with our MOLUK range!  "Open ended play is always the best play for any child. Being parents, we love toys that allow free play and endless imagination. Little Llama sent our kids a couple of MOLUK toys, and we were thrilled by its simplicity. MOLUK, founded in Switzerland strives to create innovative and sustainable products that don't just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction." Read more about her post here!

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