Our Story

" Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere"- Albert Einstein 

What if play allows children to develop logic, imagination and much more? Shouldn't we be taking play more seriously?

There is increasing research highlighting the importance of open-ended play in developing essential 21st-century skills such as empathy, problem-solving and creativity. Little Llama curates the best toys and books from all around the world and brings them to your doorstep. This way, you can spend your time engaging, not searching.

Our Experiences

JoanThrough her work as a Speech and Language Therapist, Joan has encountered many parents left frustrated by their inability to figure out a starting point in their child's learning and development. This issue is further exacerbated by the rise of iPad usage and ADHD incidence among young children today. She is passionate about spreading the power of play and making tips for parent-child engagement accessible to all parents. Joan is obsessed with product curation. Only the best toys and books are featured on Little Llama.

DaveThrough his work in various start-ups, Dave has seen the opposite end of the spectrum where the increased use of technology has brought great benefit to society. He works on leveraging technology in various platforms to bring about positive change. He believes that in order to succeed, we need to combine an agile mindset with an appreciation for technology. We have to revamp our current 20th-century educational model to suit the 21st century's needs. Dave is always on the look out for toys that facilitate meaningful application of science and technology.



For parents, powerful play starts here. For gift-buyers, play a part by selecting from our range of unique gift ideas.