The Power of Open-Ended Play

What do you see? A colourful doll house, a tunnel, or a theatre backdrop? The cardboard box is a perfect example of an open-ended toy. Powered by imagination, it can turn into any form possible!

Why is Open-Ended Play Important?
Open-Ended play is essential in early child development. Parents play a crucial role by engaging their children in meaningful interactions, facilitated by providing the right play tools. Remember - there are no right answers!
4 Reasons why Open-Ended Play is Awesome!
Here are 4 core aspects of Open-Ended Play:
1. Autonomy - Children are empowered with the freedom to explore and make choices
2. Creativity - The ability to synthesise information and connect ideas is powerful
3. Problem-Solving - "No right answers" encourages children to have the confidence to test, fail, and learn
4. Social-Emotional - Pretend plays allows children to build vocabulary and connections around their emotions

How can Little Llama help?
Little Llama sources globally to bring the best books, games and toys to your doorstep. Like the cardboard box, we want your child to enjoy endless hours and benefits from child-directed free play.  Check out our bestsellers now!