Choosing the right toys

“We should have busy children, not busy toys!”

-Magna Gerber, RIE approach

What is an ‘open-ended’ toy?

Anything that inspires your child’s imagination in more than one way – something that can become anything!

It’s important to allow your children to discover the toys themselves.

Resist the urge to show your child what to ‘do’ with their toys, and let them do whatever they will do let go of your expectations when it comes to play, and you will be rewarded by a peek into a child’s true imagination!

Here are some things to look for when selecting toys for your children:

  1. Good quality, durability

  2. ‘Playability’

  3. Anything healthy for humans and the planet

  4. Natural materials that feel good to all our senses including visually beautiful toys, toys that feel good to hold.

  5. Toys that can be put away in 5 minutes

  6. Non-competitive, social toys

  7. Toys that are toys where ‘learning’ is not forced.