Llama Speech Therapy

Who We Are

We are a group of speech therapists who are passionate and love to help people with speech and language difficulties.

We provide online 1-to-1 assessment and therapy services to toddlers, pre-schoolers and school-aged children, teenagers and adults. Our sessions are conducted via Zoom and augmented with online tools to closely replicate an in-person session.

Our goal is to:

  • Empower every parent to understand their child’s current level of communication skills and make an informed decision on the best way to support their child’s development
  • Make speech and language therapy accessible to all families regardless of location or geographical constraints
  • Provide high quality and evidence-based therapy to all children and their families

Our Services 


Our Speech Therapist can assess you or your child’s speech, language, voice and/or fluency skills.

During your first video call,

  • Our Speech Therapist will talk to you about your concerns and get an in-depth history of you or your child’s medical condition, developmental milestones and current level of functioning.

  • Assess you or your child’s difficulties using standardized and/or non-standardised measures. These may include observations, play, formal tests etc.

At the end of the session, recommendations and intervention will be discussed. Referrals to other professionals for additional assessments may be discussed.

An initial assessment may vary from 45-60 minutes.


Treatment varies depending on you or your child’s diagnosis and severity.

  • Articulation Therapy. Some people will have difficulties with the correct pronunciation of words. The Speech Therapist will work with you to identify and correct the sounds that are most challenging for speech.

  • Language Therapy. The Speech and Language Therapist will find out if you or your child’s language skill is age- appropriate. He will identify his/her strengths and weakness through an assessment.

  • Social Skills Therapy. Some children may need help using the right words in the right social situation. Our therapists will provide strategies that will help promote healthy peer relationships and prevent bullying especially in schools

  • Voice Therapy. Voice Therapy is done by a select group of therapist specializing in this area. Come in and have a chat if you constantly have a hoarse voice and want to do something about it.

  • Stuttering Treatment. Do you find it hard to speak fluently? Find yourself or your child getting stuck or repeating persistently when speaking? Come in for an assessment and we will help you from there. We have a group of trained Speech Therapists in this specialty who can help you.

  • Auditory Processing Disorder Therapy. Do you have difficulty processing auditory information as diagnosed by an audiologist? We can help provide the training required dependent on your listening profile.

Our Therapists

Guo Tong

Guo Tong has been practising as a paediatric speech and language therapist since 2012. She is fully certified under the Allied Health Professionals Council (AHPC). She has worked in both public and private healthcare settings, both locally and overseas. She has keen interest in working with children with a range of congenital and developmental conditions, including: hearing loss, cleft lip and palate, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and developmental delays. She believes in working closely with families to maximize children’s communication and learning potential. 

Guo Tong is experienced in developing individualized care plans based on the profile and environment of each child, and is committed to providing quality services. She has also successfully mentored students and graduates, as well as delivered talks in both English and Mandarin for raising public awareness and providing parent training programs. Following her experience in developing online services, she believes that tele-consultation and therapy will open new doors to supporting children and families in a timely, convenient and cost-effective manner.


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Contact Us

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