Plui Rain Cloud (1+ yrs), MOLUK - Little Llama
Plui Rain Cloud (1+ yrs), MOLUK - Little Llama


Plui Rain Cloud (1+ yrs)


Sensory-motor   Cognitive   Social-Emotional

Why we love it!

Cause and effect at its finest! Turn bath time into a simple physics lesson with MOLUK's elegant toy. 

This toy is great for coaxing the little one into the bath, in order to develop one of the essential routines of showering. 

What's more, like its cousin, the Rain Ball, Pluï Rain Cloud can be opened up for easy cleaning!

Quick Specs

  • Extremely safe: PVC-Free; Phthalate-free and BPA-free
  • The Rain Cloud can be opened for cleaning
  • 13 * 13 * 15 cm
  • Very light! Weighs less than 100g. 

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