Pretend Play Bundle (3+ yrs), MOLUK - Little Llama
Pretend Play Bundle (3+ yrs), MOLUK - Little Llama


Pretend Play Bundle (3+ yrs)

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Social-Emotional   Sensory-Motor   Language

Message from the Little One:

Hey you! Since birth, I learn about the world through my senses. To me, sensory exploration is a natural attraction. There is something magical about the cool touch of water raining down from Pluï, or the light touch of Sunny and Cloudy against my skin. These bristled friends not only tickle my senses, they double up as my favourite cleaning and painting tools!

Together with my friends Bongo and Pilla, I can mix and match all these toys to form a wonderful universe that keeps me engaged for hours!

What's inside!

  • Pluï Rainball (Choose between Blue, Yellow or Green)
  • Pluï Sunny Brush
  • Pluï Cloudy Brush
  • Oogi (Choose between Red or Blue)
  • Oogi Bongo
  • Oogi Pilla